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LOLC Kenya Microfinance Bank (founded as Remu Microfinance Bank and known as Key Microfinance Bank at the time of acquisition), our Kenyan presence, has operated in Kenya since 2009 and currently consists of a branch network of 5 branches. The entity holds the deposit-taking license and the membership of Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation. The product portfolio mix consists of both Lending and Liability products.

LOLC Kenya Microfinance Bank has been in the banking and finance business for over 13+ years. Founded in 2009 in Meru as Remu Microfinance Bank, the bank has created a distinct mark as a Licensed Deposit-taking Microfinance Bank regulated by Central Bank of Kenya. Further, we possess the membership of Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Through the journey of the bank, the bank has gone through few name changes latest being to LOLC Kenya Microfinance Bank (from Remu MFB to Key MFB and from Key MFB to LOLC Kenya MFB) following the acquisition of 73.29% stake by the Sri Lankan originated global conglomerate, LOLC Group. Our key focus is in MSME sphere, and we are passionate about creating value to the markets and segments we focus on. Headquartered in Westlands, currently we provide our services through a network of 5 branches (3 in Nairobi and 2 in Central Region).

Our product portfolio consists of both Assets and Liability products, well designed to provide utmost convenience and customer experience.

Our journey is patronaged by a highly qualified Board carrying breadth and depth, and is shaped by a versatile leadership team having profound industry experience.

Our journey is backed by LOLC Group, arguably the largest multi-geographical and multi-currency MSME platform. LOLC, originated in 1980, is a global conglomerate having operations under wide range of business spectrums: Banking & Financial services, Agriculture & Plantations, Renewable Energy, Leisure & Accomodation, Construction, Manufacturing, Trading and Information Technology. The global footprint of the group spans over 25 countries, from Far-East to South Asia to Central Asia to Africa.

The Banking & Financial services pillar is a key business area of LOLC group, and the global presence makes LOLC arguably the largest multi-geographical and multi-currency MSME platform.


“LOLC Kenya Microfinance bank supported getting the bus when we wanted to put a passenger bus to Gaceuni village. It is the first sizeable public transport means people in Gaceuni village have ever experienced. I am happy to see the benefits this venture brings to the people. Big gratitude to LOLC Kenya for being the financier, and I appreciate their customer service.”
David Gaichu