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First ever passenger bus to Gaceuni village, a village hidden in Tharaka Nithi county

Communities in Gaceuni village, 70kms away from Meru Town hidden in Tharaka Nithi county, did not have any public transport mean until David Murungara Gaichu through the support of LOLC Kenya MFB put a passenger bus to the village. Now, over 50 people travel to Meru Town from Gaceuni village at single turn. This has eased the people having to find different alternative means to get to the town for various needs – especially on Friday, the main Gakoromone market day. The bus covers the route from Gaceuni to Kathangaceni, Kiamiramba, Mukothima, Marimanti, Nkondi, Usweni, Tseukuru and back, and it is the only bus takes that route opening opportunities for movement of people and goods among the different towns in the interior. People in these interior towns financially benefit from the considerably lower cost and on the other hand dependability compared to other transport means used. Occasionally, the bus is hired for functions like school and university graduations, church events and weddings.

Beyond the commercial gains to David Gaichu, his venture has created enormous socio-economic impact to the communities in Counties of Tharaki Nithi, Meru and Kitui.

“LOLC Kenya Microfinance bank was there to support to get the bus when wanted to put a passenger bus to Gaceuni village. It is the very first sizeable public transport mean people in Gaceuni village ever experienced. I am happy to see the benefits this venture bringing to the people. A big gratitude to LOLC for being the financier and appreciate their customer service.”