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LOLC, originated in 1980, is a global conglomerate having operations under wide range of business spectrums: Banking & Financial services, Agriculture & Plantations, Renewable Energy, Leisure & Accommodation, Construction, Manufacturing, Trading and Information Technology. Our global footprint spans across 25 countries, from Far-East to South Asia to Central Asia to Africa.

The Banking & Financial services pillar is a key business area of LOLC group, and the global presence makes LOLC arguably the largest multi-geographical and multi-currency MSME platform.

Africa is in the central stage of our global expansion strategy, and currently carry out banking and finance operations in 10 countries. We entered into Kenyan banking and finance market with the acquisition of 73.29% stake of a licensed Microfinance Bank regulated by Central Bank of Kenya in 2019. Following the acquisition, we deployed various strategies and initiatives in the business reinvigoration process including the rebranding the entity as LOLC Kenya Microfinance Bank.