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+254 733 553 555


Savings Products

Taratibu Savings Account.

For Kenyans who are seeking a fair saving solution where they can accumulate funds and use it as needs arise.


Lil’ Angel - Junior Savings Account


Interest Rate

 Between Ksh.              Interest Rate p.a.

5,000 – 19,999                                     3.5                                         

20,000 – 49,999                                   4

50,000 – 99,999                                   4.5

100,000 – Above                                  5

Jipange - Budget Savings Account

This is a budget planning facilitation account for those with specific upcoming events with specific budget and timing e.g., wedding, holiday, school fees, maternity expenses etc.  The saving is done through flexible amounts and frequency towards the budget and time.   Savers are encouraged not to withdrawal the money before maturity to meet their objectives.   Loan facility can be granted against the savings.